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SEO Consulting

If you want to maximize your results using your in-house marketing team, you may wish to onboard us as part of your team in an ongoing or project-based engagement to provide you that layer of SEO expertise. We can add value to your existing setup when you deal with search channel.

Using our Propelrr framework, we can propel your search presence to succeed in conjunction with your other digital marketing efforts.

We connect the dots. We leave no stone unturned.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) service isn’t a black box.

SEO Strategy

Organic search strategy takes out the guesswork when it is data-informed and well thought. We understand your customer’s search behavior and gauge your competitors’ moves to formulate strategic execution focused on driving results.

We use holistic search strategies. We perform best practices and future-proof approaches to better your brand’s search visibility, and to maximize your ROI performance, all the time.

SEO Technical Audit

Before we strike out any SEO technical audit checklist, our first order of the day is to step back and ask the right question. We frame the problem thoughtfully before we jump into it.

We look at the issue from different angles to attack the right problem using diverse methods. We validate, based on data, our clinical SEO hypotheses and findings that are holding back your mobile app or website.

You’ve probably heard about SEO technical audit many times , and it seems like, it is just a simple bucket list. It is not.

It is more than the compliance to coding structure, code-content ratio, or efficient use of technology. A proper SEO audit delves in every page, every link, every content, and even in the first byte or paint that makes up your website.

We take an in-depth analysis of your app or website from a legit technical SEO perspective.

We are all about no fluff SEO technical auditing.

We connect the dots. We leave no stone unturned.

International SEO

International SEO has a league of its own. Let’s state the facts here.

Our SEO approach for international presence takes into account multiple targeting of search behavior patterns on languages and country-specific locations. ccTLDs, hreflang tags, and stable site structure via subdirectory or subdomain to accommodate website expansion are only for starters.

We’ve tested time and time again that localization of content and its promotion to corresponding local communities unlock a whole different level of success in doing international SEO.

Are you ready for global domination? At least organically.

Local SEO

Others think forest while some start with the trees.

Many businesses thrive on local presence. “Being nearby” or “just around the corner” gives tremendous advantage on search especially when you are easy to be found.

Imagine how frustrating that is — searching for a company with an inconsistent phone number or business address. How about making the wrong call and driving to an empty location? Grrr.

We remove the confusion on local presence by mapping out consistent local business pins. We tear apart your woeful old addresses to have your most recent business address in place, at the very least to signal Google or the search engines that you exist.

Make them know: You are open for business.

Ecommerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is not for the newbie SEOs. Sorry, not sorry, we just said that.

Size alone of most e-commerce websites is in itself overwhelming. Site architecture, URL structure, categorization, faceted navigation, product pages, etc. are collectively just the tip of the iceberg. These are your fundamentals, your baseline.

Speaking of size, we do search engine optimization in stages, yet proven scalable methodology, because there’s no single silver bullet approach to eCommerce SEO.

Do we still have to mention the hundreds if not thousands of product pages you have to build quality content? From customer reviews and ratings to unique product descriptions with a keen eye to great copies, it takes the right amount of resources to pull this off.

But keep your eyes on the prize! One category or product page can deliver tremendous results if you know what you are doing here.

Think incremental results.

Mobile SEO

Hello, {mobile} World! Yes, mobile.

Mobile presence is no longer an afterthought in your SEO approach. Fact is, Google’s move on mobile-first indexing is here to stay. Mobile organic traffic already toppled desktop traffic.

The mobile search behavior is something we need to deal with head-on.

Things have already changed. The mobile search landscape is the new battleground. More so, even voice search is getting tremendous traction nowadays.

Your customer search behavior may start via mobile to gather information about you, and they may end up visiting your physical store or using a desktop to buy your product online or call you via their mobile or vice versa. Such nonlinear behavior tells you that you cannot discount mobile search optimization as part of your search strategy equation anymore.

Optimize on mobile or get lost in the woods.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

There’s the world of web and the universe of mobile apps. Two universes behaving differently but both driven by search.

Our search optimization expertise doesn’t stop in the web browser. We go beyond it. We optimize for apps as well. Did we mention that we build and market mobile applications?

Parallelism exists here. There’s web indexing, and there’s app indexing. There’s backlinking in the web, and there’s deep linking in a mobile app.

Simply put, we get the drift on the universality of human search behavior, and we use it to optimize apps for maximum results — download and usage.

Think incremental results.


There are no excuses here. It is either we go bust or win all the pot.

B2B SEO calls for a different approach such as inbound marketing and account-based marketing (ABM). It focuses on providing outstanding content that sets the standard and thought leadership to your business prospects. Clarity and relevance of product/service descriptions and technicalities drive exceptional results.

We get it. The B2B path from lead to sales conversion is longer than the usual B2C customer journey. In B2B, the price point is higher, stakeholders are layered, and the decision-maker audience is fewer.

Such fact stretches your need for credibility, and social proof that must build up your brand trust signal — a key to your B2B SEO success.

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